Business Technology Services- Let us be your personal a/v nerds

Encore Events is known for fun, but hey, we have a business side, too! Check out how we can enhance your next meeting, presentation, or conference.

Presentation Audio Systems

Have a presentation that needs some audio support? We've got you covered.. Indoors ot out...big group or small, we can provide you with the microphones and audio system you need to get your message heard. Our technicians will make sure everything is working and your presenters sound great!  Why risk your message being marred with bad audio?

Projection Systems

Have an idea?  Want to make it a BIG idea?  Then why not use a High Definition Projection system at your next meeting. Encore has screens up to 20 feet in size to share your plan with as large a group as you have. LCD Panels, Projectors, Encore has what you need to not only be heard but to be SEEN!

technology and on-site technical Services

Sometimes you just find yourself without a critical piece of technology you need:. a Laptop, a unique video or audio cable, some weird adapter or converter. You know what, we probably have one. And don't be shy, if you just need one of our Technology Geeks to come out to help you set something up or solve a "techy" issue...give us a ring. We can help!