We live in an era of amazing media technology. Not surprisingly, adding multimedia elements to a wedding reception has become an incredibly popular choice for our clients. See how Encore can enhance your day with incredible media options.



Your wedding is perhaps the most special event of your life. What better way to capture this wondrous day than by preserving all of the special moments in a high-quality DVD video? Unfortunately, the extensive, multi-camera coverage of other professional videography services are often too costly to be included in many wedding budgets. It is the goal of Encore Events to be able to offer a widely affordable alternative to this problem. Encore’s Videography Package is a single-camera, digital quality, highlight DVD keepsake of your day. 


Slideshow Projection

The use of multimedia slideshows at wedding receptions has never been more popular. Whether being implemented as a looping cocktail hour or dinner show or as a backdrop to your most important formal dances, slideshows provide a powerful emotional element to your event. Best yet, Encore can digitize your old shoebox of still photos for you. Never a dry eye in the house...

Oh, and add projection services in conjunction with a photobooth package and watch your guests rave as the images captured in the booth are displayed during the party… a great effect!


Music Video Mixing

Are you a couple who wants the dance floor at your wedding to be different and more exciting than any wedding you’ve seen before? Get the “upscale-club" vibe when you allow us to offer live music video mixing. Your entertainer will not only play your tailored music selections, but will mix matching videos and exciting visuals, live.  It’s an ureal experience. 

Our dreams, they are made out of real things,

Like a shoebox of photographs.  

- Jack Johnson