Meet the Encore Team!

We are excited to present the staff that will be the Ambassadors of Amazing for your event!

Rich Cranston


Company Founder, President & DJ

  • Has opened for Lil John, Flo Rida, and LMFAO.
  • Will beat you in Volleyball. Won't be close.
  • Only thing he knows better than mid-90s dance music is healthy eating and fitness...makes the rest of us feel like slugs.
  • Is a Rochester-Area DJ Legend
  • First album he owned was "Thriller" by MJ.


Andre Powell

Groove Consultant

DJ & Production Technician

  • Is Encore's resident expert on 90's boy band music. May have once been in a boy band (unconfirmed).
  • When he dies, he wants a Viking Funeral, oh, with a DJ.
  • Spent time after high school traveling the country working, but always came home to Rochester.
  • Is excited to see what some of his tattoos look like when he is "old and flabby".  Right now, he is quite handsome and non-flabby.
  • First album he owned was Michael Jackson's "Dangerous"

Brittney Lavoie


manager of Client Relations, Brand Manager of Black Label Events & Design, Lead Designer

  • Don't let her stylish looks deceive you, she likes shooting guns, A LOT.. Pew Pew.
  • Despite her duties as Encore and Black Labels chief planner, she is secretly training to be a DJ.
  • Is famous for her mashup of Justin Bieber and Georgia Satellites..

Rick Parisi


Project Manager of Sales/Marketing & DJ

  • Voted 2017 "WHEC-TV "Rochester ROCS" Best Local DJ
  • Has been the actual opening act for national recording artists like: Jason Derulo, Jeremih, Flo Rida, and Lil Jon.
  • Once was a cast-member at Disney World....won't divulge if he was a costumed character or not...assume, yes. .
  • First concert he ever attended was 'N Sync
  • Once while DJing, was asked for his number by both a Mother and a Daughter. He appeals to all ages!
  • First 2 albums he ever owned were MA$E's "Harlem World" and NKOTB's "Hanging Tough."

Kyle Orton


DJ & Production Technician

  • His oldest son's middle name is Cash, as in Johnny Cash because he is destined to be into music, loved by many and be a bad A%$.
  • His DJ name in college was DJ INVISIBLE because he loved to play long mixes and then get out on the floor.
  • Music is his escape from the stress of being the Student Conduct guy at UofR. He needs to step back, play music, and make people happy.

Mickey Hamilton


DJ & Production Technician

  • When not packing dance floors, Mickey is a music producer and recording engineer for A Capella music.
  • Mickey once met and sang with A Capella super-group, Pentatonix.
  • Was once challenged to, and won, a dance battle on the streets of Incheon, South Korea. USA! USA!
  • The first album he ever owned was Michael Jackson's "Bad"

Anthony Rossotti

Senior Manager of Beat

DJ & Production Technician

  • Started at Encore a million years ago as a High School Intern and never left.
  • Built the Mustang he drives, basically from scratch.
  • Loves decorating his house for Halloween, a lot. We suspect he's stayed on at Encore most for access to lights for this purpose.
  • First Album was Eminem's "The Slim Shady LP."






Jeremy Falkner

Professor of Danceology

DJ & Production Technician

  • Is a better cook than the rest of us...
  • He is your favorite DJ's, favorite DJ.
  • If he's at a party, and isnt DJing, he will probably be the first one on the dance floor. Also, probably last one there. 
  • He's ridden every roller coaster in all four parks at Disney.
  • Literally lives across this back fence from the Rochester Zoo...
  • First album he ever had was "Big Ones" by Aerosmith.

Evan Santiago

Commander in Chief of Booty Shaking

DJ & Production Technician

  • Always wins "Drake Look-Alike" Contests.
  • Blessed with Derek-Jeter-esq boyish good looks and baseball aptitude.
  • Is Encore's resident expert on anything Bob Marley-related
  • First Album was Usher's "8701".

Justin Rawnsley

Chairman of Vibe

DJ & Production Technician

  • Justin is Encore's resident super-fan of Michael Jackson music.. He idolized MJs ability to dance, sing, and draw everyone's attention.
  • Justin is not only an incredible DJ, but is a music producer, concert promoter/ producer and operated his own independent music label.
  • Believes it must be his destiny to be involved in entertainment as music and entertaining always finds its way into his life.
  • Is willing to oblige you if you ask him to drop a freestyle rap. 
  • Of course, his first album was "Thriller".

Adam Dibble

Mixology CEO

DJ & Production Technician

  • Adam is one of Encore's most experienced wedding DJs...he has been DJing since 2002. He's seen a million faces, and rocked them all (Shameless lyric theft).
  • Little Known Fact: Adam met the crew from Encore through his day-job as a FedEx driver. Appropriate, because Adam always delivers! See what we did there?
  • Adam is a Motley Crue superfan, but no, he doesn't have a mullet or drive a Camaro.
  • The first album Adam ever owned was Naughty by Nature's "19 Naughty III" .

Ray Tiano

Commissioner of Remixology

DJ & Production Technician

  • Ok, we aren't gonna lie, we discovered Ray in a bar. But he was the best damn bar DJ any of us had ever heard.
  • Despite being an Oakland Raider fan, he's never been to jail and we've never seen him wear spiked shoulder pads (in public).
  • Ask him to play his famous mashup of "Shut Up and Dance" and "Summer of 69."