Meet The Dream Team…


Rich Cranston


Company Founder, President & DJ

  • Started company in 1998 out of a 1-bedroom apartment with “Jock Jams” and Columbia House / BMG CD subscription.

  • Has opened for Lil John, Flo Rida, and LMFAO.

  • Enjoys Pop/Top 40, Hip/Hop, Old School, 90’s, 2000’s, and of course classics.

  • Graduate of the American Broadcasting Institute.

  • Has a commanding, natural radio voice.

  • Presenter & Educator, Mobile Beat DJ Convention - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Follow his industry trends & planning tips on Instagram (richcranston)



Mickey Hamilton


DJ & Head of Production

  • When not packing dance floors, Mickey is a music producer and recording engineer for A Capella music.

  • Mickey once met and sang with A Capella super-group, Pentatonix.

  • Was once challenged to, and won, a dance battle on the streets of Incheon, South Korea. USA! USA!

  • The first album he ever owned was Michael Jackson's



Shane Allen

Groove Consultant

DJ & Production Technician

  • Has been a Radio DJ for more than 5 years and you can catch him on 94.1 The Zone during The Gentleman's Club 3-7pm Mon-Fri

  • Fun Fact: He's also a stand-up comedian that performs and hosts shows all over Rochester and has opened up for the likes of Dave Attell..

  • Funner Facts: Shane is a U.S. Coast Guard certified Boat Captain and DJ Khaled is his spirit animal

  • First albums he bought were Linkin Park's Reanimation, Weezer's Green Album, and Christina Aguilera's debut album. He still listen's to that last one weekly.


Justin Rawnsley

Chairman of Vibe

DJ & Production Technician

  • Justin is Encore's resident super-fan of Michael Jackson music.. He idolized MJs ability to dance, sing, and draw everyone's attention.

  • Justin is not only an incredible DJ, but is a music producer, concert promoter/ producer and operated his own independent music label.

  • Believes it must be his destiny to be involved in entertainment as music and entertaining always finds its way into his life.

  • Is willing to oblige you if you ask him to drop a freestyle rap.

  • Of course, his first album was "Thriller".

Adam Dibble

Mixology CEO

DJ & Production Technician

  • Adam is one of Encore's most experienced wedding DJs...he has been DJing since 2002. He's seen a million faces, and rocked them all (Shameless lyric theft).

  • Little Known Fact: Adam met the crew from Encore through his day-job as a FedEx driver. Appropriate, because Adam always delivers! See what we did there?

  • Adam is a Motley Crue superfan, but no, he doesn't have a mullet or drive a Camaro.

  • The first album Adam ever owned was Naughty by Nature's "19 Naughty III" .



Ray Tiano

Commissioner of Remixology

DJ & Production Technician

  • Ok, we aren't gonna lie, we discovered Ray in a bar. But he was the best damn bar DJ any of us had ever heard.

  • Despite being an Oakland Raider fan, he's never been to jail and we've never seen him wear spiked shoulder pads (in public).

  • Ask him to play his famous mashup of "Shut Up and Dance" and "Summer of 69."


Melissa Miesch

Chief Music Junkie

DJ & Production Technician

  • Melissa found Encore through her other job of mixing cocktails, and now she’s ready to mix those beats for you!

  • Whether she’s DJ’ing a wedding, or attending a wedding as a guest, she’s ALWAYS bringing people to the dance floor.

  • Fun Fact: Favorite 90’s Jam is Return of the Mack.

  • First album: Boyz II Men - II

Kendrick Heintzelman.jpg

Kendrick Heintzelman

Dancefloor Engineer

DJ & Production Technician

  • He knows all the words to “DotA” by Basshunter………………. In Swedish…..

  • Not only has he been a music producer for 12 years, he also made the intro song for the podcast: “ Sticks & Beers”

  • When we say he’s a huge EDM fan, that doesn’t even begin to cover it… No really! He once made his own Marshmello helmet, including the LED’s!

  • First CD: Queen’s Greatest Hits


Joe Gerard

Senior Director of Dance Floor Activity



  • Joe is Encore's resident expert on any and all things EDM.

  • You will never be able to guess how old he actually is.

  • He bought his first set of DJ equipment at the tender age of 14.

  • Works part-time as a lifeguard. Can teach you CPR.

  • The first album he owned was Jason Derulo's "Jason Derulo."