Encore’s Open House Events


You are Warmly Invited to Our Home…

Well, its our office, really, but it feels like home.

Encore Events is proud to introduce you to our ongoing series of Open House Events. At Encore, we understand how important it is for you to build a relationship with the staff that will actually be working at your important event. We also are acutely aware that hiring a DJ can be extremely tricky. Often, when interviewing DJ companies you meet with an owner or a manager and won’t meet the actual event staff until much later, maybe even the day of the event! Or, you are paired off to meet with the one staff person who happens to be available from that company that day,. Well, what if that person just “isn’t quite the right match”?

At Encore we solve that problem with our on-going Open House series. These regularly held events are held in our on-premise “Dreamspace” showroom which has an amazing array of our services on display, including an example of one of our event audio systems. We will have a handful of our DJs on hand to meet with and impress you with their microphone and music skills. Have a few snacks, a glass of wine, and find the DJ that is perfect for you. Since we will be rotating the lineup of DJs at each event, heck, come by a couple of them. We might have some special pricing that night for some cool add-ons and hey, Its a fun night out!

You can use these events however it serves you best. If you are the kind of client who needs to absolutely know their DJ before signing on the dotted line, no problem! Our management staff will be there to help you with your contract needs on the spot. Or, if you would prefer to not wait to secure your date, you can meet with our office staff before the next open house, get your date set in stone, and then pop by the Open House after to browse DJs (This might be the safest idea if you have a popular event date).

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